Globe Project

Vevey & Montreux, Switzerland
Montreux / Vevey (Nestlé Switzerland World HQ and my current location)

Updated: 09-Apr-2006  (See the yellow section of the page for new pictures)

Martin and Mike prepare the bikes.

We pose before the big day.

Martin contemplates our route.

Mike and I coming down a trail.

A view down the valley.

Me coming around a curve (slowly).

The Swiss and French board.

Me trying to stay up with Martin.

Martin and Mike wash up the bikes.

The bottom of the cable car.

A view of the castle from our apartment building.

Out apartment building.

A high school jazz band from California at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

A look down the Montreux shore line.

Sunset over Lake Geneva


Out the window of my apartment.

Looking down the valley.

Michelle and Beate being Marmots.

Michelle standing in front of a spectacular view.

Michelle and I in a mountain flower garden.

Taking in the view.

We are ridding down the mountain on a cog train.

Our apartment building from the lake.

Michelle and I went on a boat cruise on Sunday.

This is were we normally go swimming.

What's left of my birthday cake. Thanks to Beate for backing it!


A break to fix a flat.

Watching some para-sailers taking off.

Myself and Barend hiking 400 meters up the mountain. "Great fun!"


Sally and Beate
 enjoying the

The front of Nestlé World HQ

Barend, Martin and John before Barend goes back to South Africa

My first day back, we took an afternoon hike.

Hey, I love my cheese! Ya Ya I am a cheese head.

The cheese
 came from the
 farm house
 behind us. You
 just walk up,
 and they bring
 out the cheese
 that they have

Martin showing me how to us a map.

Martin and Barend warm up.

A rainbow over Montreux.

Barend and I take a break from hiking.

Take off

Over 20 para-sailers in the air at the same time.

Barend, Byung and I after we made it out of the Cave. We were lost in it over over an hour!

Barend working his way down.

Martin hanging on a thread.

Martin walks the tight rope.

Ah, let me guess, this is the easy course?

A view from the top.

Nestlé HQ
My Sales & Marketing class in June '05

The hotel I usually stay in.

Out the hotel room window.

Another shot out the window.