Stamford, Connecticut
Stamford (Nestlé
US Globe Office and our new home)

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Updated: 17-Oct-2014

If I had not decided to start the Globe project, I never would have met Michelle! I am so happy that we have met, and I hope that our lives continue to grow together after all my travels end.

The Greenwich Nestlé Waters US office.

Looking out my Stamford apartment window.

My Stamford living room.

New :)

Old :(

It's a start!

The proud new owners of a hole.

This house is from the same builder.

After the long freeze .

the foundation forms go up.

The concrete gets poured ...

and the forms come down.

Michelle checks out our hole in the ground.

The foundation is backfilled

The backyard

The basement floor is ready to pour.

Looking from the back yard.

The garage is ready to pour.

Our first 2 modules arrive! 04/13/04

3 more modules arrive! 04/16/04

The first look inside our kitchen and breakfast room. 04/17/04

Michelle checks out the kitchen

A look in to our dinning room and den.

Our master bedroom.

From the dinning room into the living room.

3 more modules arrive.

The basement and garage floor are pored.

The back basement stair is being finished.
Friday, April 30th

The first day of assembly

Saturday, May 1st

The second day 

May 20th
June 1st Early June

We clear out Michelle's
townhouse. :(
End of June
The front porch gets finished

The living room

The kitchen

The family room

The powder room

The laundry room

The basement

The back porch

The guest bathroom

The master bedroom

The master bath

The entryway
Early July
Marble entryway

Exterior color samples
End of July
Den floor

Breakfast room floor

Living room floor

Upstairs hall

Master bedroom floor


Painting starts
Mid August
Living room Fireplace


Lot next door

Master Fireplace


Painting is done
End of August
The dirt pile is finally gone.


Landscaping starts in the back

The next door foundation is up

Our propane tank

The first coat is on the floors

Pillars are painted

Master bedroom

Next door

Living room
Beginning of September
Next door is up!

Next door is up!

Floors are done

Master shower is done

Michelle's sink

John's sink

Guest bath sink

Our new washer & dryer

Our fridge

Oven, cook top & dish washer

Microwave & wine cooler

Master bath enclosure

Guest bath enclosure

The front is ready for sod ...

and so is the back
Mid September
The landscaping goes in


the back is done too.
End of Oct. '04

It's Finally Done!

Our house warming
and holiday party.

Nov. '05

New Years at
Mohegan Sun

Dec. '05

Blizzard 2006


Spring Flowers '06
Michelle's Bday '06
Mohegan Sun
Tanya's Bday '06
Mohegan Sun
Building behind
our house
Visiting the big city
2010 Norwalk
Boat Show
Blizzard 2011      
Snow before Halloween '11    
January '13
June '13 '14 Norwalk Boat Show